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The ultimate Candidate Database Management solution designed for agent.

Discover CandidateHub, a robust and user-friendly candidate database tailored for overseas recruitment agencies, ushering in the next era of candidate management. CandidateHub streamlines the hiring process, leveraging cutting-edge technology to save time, increase efficiency, and enhance manpower search capabilities.

Key features include: a resume parser, advanced search functionality, automated data entry, data privacy, and unlimited storage.

Candidate Database

Store all your candidate data in one place. CandidateHub allows you to store all candidate related data and information such as demographic data, work data, resumes, ID's, certificates, and much more. 

CandidateHub Screenshot.
CandidateHub Screenshot.

Quick Access

View and edit candidate data with ease. Advance search functions allows you to search for candidates using filters and keywords. 

Document Storage

Store and view all related documents in one place. Passport photos, resumes, National ID, Passport Copies, Driving License, Trade Tests and much more. 

CandidateHub Screenshot.
CandidateHub Screenshot.

Candidate Creation 

Creating new candidates has never been this easy. Add demographic candidate data and attach candidate documents in a few clicks. Alternativelyutilize our OCR reader, which scans documents and uploads candidate information in seconds.



Effortlessly extract candidate information from resumes shared by email or WhatsApp with our advanced resume parser. The intelligent parser accurately identifies and organizes key data from various resume formats, making it easy to review and compare applicants.


Save time and minimize manual data entry with our OCR reader, which scans documents and uploads candidate information in seconds. The automated data entry feature accurately processes scanned documents utilizing AI & ML, streamlining the candidate intake process.


Our platform employs stringent data protection measures, including the utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for enhanced security.


Find the perfect candidates with CandidateHub’s advanced search function. Quickly and easily search through an entire candidate pool using customized filters, keywords, and criteria to identify the most suitable candidates for a certain role.


CandidateHub auto integrates with Workforce360's CandidateConnect Job Board & GlobalRecruit ATS to maximize the potential of the recruitment process. This powerful combination provides a comprehensive solution for managing the entire overseas recruitment process.


Agents can share candidates with all their clients, whether they subscribe to Workforce360 or not. They can share candidates directly from the GlobalRecruit ATS or via a system link.


Get us in touch to discover how CandidateHub can revolutionize your overseas recruitment process.

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