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GlobalRecruit ATS

A state of the art Applicant Tracking System designed explicitly for overseas recruitment.

Built with a powerful combination of advanced features and a user-friendly interface. GlobalRecruit ATS encompasses over 40 interconnected processes that facilitate large-scale manpower acquisition. The optimized workflow ensures the accurate handling of candidate information and documentation in compliance with the host and source country government's rules, policies, and guidelines. GlobalRecruit ATS is the ultimate tool to simplify and enhance overseas recruitment.

GlobalRecruit ATS offers a unique approach to overseas recruitment, where it connects all stakeholders involved in the hiring process. The ATS connects employers in host countries with overseas recruitment agents in source countries; it also connects overseas recruitment agents with candidates in source countries to offer a truly B2B2C experience.


Workforce360 allows agent to view all their Manpower Requisition Forms (Recruitment Orders) in once place. Agents can view both active and closed MPRs, and the status of each MPR on the platform.

GlobalRecruit ATS:  MPR Screenshot
GlobalRecruit ATS:  Demand Letter Screenshot

Demand Letters

All the active demand letters can be selected or viewed via GlobalRecruit ATS.

Assign Candidates

Assign one or multiple candidates to an open MPR with a click of a button.

GlobalRecruit ATS:  Assign Candidates Screenshot
GlobalRecruit ATS:  Flight  Schedules Screenshot

Flight Schedules

Assign flights for new hires and share the flight details with employers via GlobalRecruit ATS.



Digitized and automated recruitment process that saves agencies time, effort, and money.


A cutting-edge mobile recruitment application designed to manage the chaotic process of walk-in interviews in source countries.


GlobalRecruit ATS auto integrates with Workforce360's CandidateConnect & CandidateConnect to maximize the potential of the recruitment process. This powerful combination provides a comprehensive solution for managing the entire overseas recruitment process.


Agencies can achieve high-volume recruitment by selecting, sharing, and processing candidates in bulk.


A comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) designed for GCC encompassing over 35 interconnected processes.


Save time and minimize manual data entry with our OCR reader, which scans documents and uploads candidate information in seconds. The automated data entry feature accurately processes scanned documents utilizing AI & ML, streamlining the candidate intake process.


Get us in touch to discover how GlobalRecruit can revolutionize your overseas recruitment process.

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