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  • How can I subscribe to Workforce360?
    Workforce360 is a subscription & transaction fee service. We charge hiring organizations a monthly subscription fee and a fixed fee for each successful hire. Overseas recruitment agents can use the platform for free, however, a service fee is charged for using advanced features. Contact to activate your subscription.
  • Is Workforce360 right for our business?
    Workforce360 is best suited for companies that make 20+ overseas hires per month. Companies that belong to industries that are not prioritized by traditional recruitment portals such as contracting, manufacturing, manpower, service providers, oil & gas, healthcare, and facilities management.
  • Can we migrate our candidate data to Workforce360?
    Yes you can. As long as the candidate data is accessible and stored in a clean format.
  • This is sensitive data, who has access to my data on Workforce360?
    This is a concern we take very seriously! Your data is for your eyes only. No one but you has access to the data you stored on the platform. Furthermore, your data is stored and protected on the AWS Cloud.
  • Is workforce360 a recruitment agency?
    No we are not. Workforce360 is a technology partner that aims to strengthen existing relationships between hiring organizations and overseas recruitment agents.
  • What is Workforce360?
    Workforce360 is a business-to-business SaaS (software as a service) designed for the overseas recruitment of skilled & unskilled labor. Our mission is to simplify overseas recruitment, by digitizing & automating the current manual process. We connect hiring organizations with overseas recruitment agents and provide clear & efficient processes. This enables our clients to recruit manpower at scale in a transparent environment. Hiring labour from abroad is very different to hiring locally. For example, hiring local workers requires 7 basic steps, while hiring overseas workers requires 35 intricate steps. What’s also important to note is that the only way to hire skilled and unskilled labour in the GCC is via overseas recruitment agencies. All overseas recruitment agencies need to be registered with source country labour offices to export labour.
  • Can subagents use the platform?
    Yes they can. And they can share selected candidates with agents directly.
  • As a recruiting agent, can I use Workforce360?
    Yes you can. Agents are an integral part of Workforce360's eco-system. Our platform caters to overseas recruitment agencies that provide manpower to companies based in the GCC countries.
  • Are there any limitations on the number of users that can access the platform?
    There are no limitations on the number of users.
  • Can we capture & process candidate data at remote recruitment/test locations?
    Yes you can. Workforce3650 developed a mobile recruitment app that allows agents and hiring organizations to kick off recruitment efforts at mobile sites.
  • Can workforce360 integrate with other 3rd party solutions?
    Yes, we can integrate with any 3rd party solution.
  • As an agent, can I use Workforce360 with all of my clients?
    Yes, you can export candidate data to any of your existing clients, whether they use Workforce360 or not.
  • As an agent, will be I charged to use the platform?
    No you won’t. Workforce360 is free for all agents to use.
  • How are you different from recruitment or job portals?
    Most job portals in the market are business-to-consumer (B2C) that focus on white collar roles. They connect candidates directly with hiring organizations, simultaneously, their role ends when candidates are selected for the interview process. Workforce360 is a full recruitment solution that includes a B2B marketplace, offers high-volume recruitment, includes both blue & white collar roles, has applicant tracking features, includes a dedicated agent module, and covers an optimized workflow process of 35 steps. In a nutshell, its a comprehensive platform that accompanies hiring organizations throughout the entire overseas recruitment journey.
  • Can candidates apply directly on your platform?
    No, they cannot. As Workforce360 is a Busines-to-Business solution, all candidate data must be uploaded via overseas recruitment agencies.

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