Simplifying Overseas Recruitment

Digitally transform your overseas recruitment efforts with Workforce360. A next-generation SaaS platform that changes the face of overseas recruitment. Mobilize manpower at scale while saving time, money, and effort with a full-cycle solution designed for the overseas recruitment of skilled & unskilled labor to the GCC countries.




Hiring the right candidate starts with finding the right recruiter, and finding qualified overseas recruitment agents is extremely challenging. Resulting in limited access to the global candidate pools.


Workforce360 created a B2B marketplace that connects hiring organizations with thousands of qualified recruitment agencies around the world, offering broader access to global candidate pools.



The entire overseas recruitment process is slow, complex and full of data entry errors. On average, 3.2M new work visas are issued in the GCC countries every year, which means approximately 80M to 100M candidate documents were manually processed; limiting the scale of recruitment.


Workforce360 digitized & automated the entire recruitment process. Eliminating manual data entry, saving time & money, and allowing hiring organizations to recruit overseas manpower at scale.



A big part of the overseas recruitment process is ambiguous and isn’t aligned with international labour standards. This has a negative impact on all stakeholders (workers, companies, agents, governments).


Workforce360 provides clear and efficient processes that help hiring organizations recruit overseas manpower in a more transparent environment. We facilitate a systematic recruitment process, so hiring organizations can focus on their core business while our platform works hard to eliminate ambiguity.

In order to resolve the 3 main problems impacting overseas recruitment, we created Workforce360. A B2B SaaS platform that captures the full recruitment cycle and allows companies to transparently recruit overseas manpower at scale.



On average, 35 intricate steps are required to hire overseas manpower in the GCC. These processes have been digitized and added to the platform, resulting in a streamlined hiring process. The typical overseas recruitment cycle is as follows:

Agent Sourcing

Find agents through our marketplace, or enable your existing agents on the platform. You can setup as many agents as you need at no extra cost.

Recruitment Order

Split & assign the recruitment order across multiple recruiting agents in different countries.

 Candidate Sourcing

Agents shares candidate profiles & mandatory documents required for evaluation, interviewing and visa processing.

 Candidate Recruiting

Agents shares candidate profiles & mandatory documents required for evaluation, interviewing and visa processing.

Candidate Testing

Candidate testing for language proficiency & trade skills and experience as per the job order requirements.

Candidate Processing

Medical exam, document attestations & visa processing.

Flight Processing

Agents shares candidate profiles & mandatory documents required for evaluation, interviewing and visa processing.

Arrivals & Post Arrival

Pick up candidates from airport. Manage missing candidates. Enroll in HCM system. Medical exam, Iqama, finger printing.


Workforce360 is best suited for companies that make more than 20 international hires per month. Companies that belong to industries neglected by traditional recruitment portals such as Manpower, Construction, Facility Management, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Services. The platform's main benefits include:

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